About WEER

Rethinking Fashion

WEER elevates basic clothing for men and women, underlining the appeal of simple shapes while only using high-quality fabrics. Faced with an increasing amount of clothes on today’s market – coupled with a growing sense of saturation – WEER acts like a blank canvas, reconnecting wearers with authentic garments.

Rejecting aggressive consumerism in fashion business and questioning the true meaning behind our fashion consumption, WEER celebrates the appeal of sleek and reliable basics. The philosophy of WEER is precisely not to overwhelm customers, with options and make them appreciate the beauty of intelligent, substantial and carefully thought-out clothes, thus opposing the current fashion world.

Each piece is designed, produced and assembled in Europe while materials are mostly sourced from Japan, France and Italy. Simplicity and quality are WEER’s ultimate goals, as well as a clear vision of what clothing should be. The first collection was launched by Karin Lorez in 2014, and the brand’s objective has been to reinterpret daily essentials, which are featured in every wardrobe. Her starting point was the simple, short-sleeved plain white t-shirt, universal and timeless. The t-shirt stands for the designer’s ethics and personal values, mixing functionality with ease.

The upbeat and optimistic spirit of the 1960s permeates the brand, as well as the designer’s visual references. Fascinated with the birth of French prêt-à-porter Karin Lorez infuses WEER with positive values and a clean silhouette, moving away from clothing as mere status symbol. WEER emphasizes well-being and openness, allowing clients to style pieces the way they want. Meant to be worn together and combined with flair, WEER‘s clothes are an ideal starting point, underlining fashion as a direct and intimate form of self-expression.

Playful and inventive, WEER’s new collection twists sportswear codes and utilitarian styles to create a fresher language, focusing on the integrity of beautifully made pieces, which reconnect us to the true value of clothes.